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  • September 30, 2014, 06:48:03 AM
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September 27, 2014, 07:07:11 PM by Valentene | Views: 207 | Comments: 4

YEAR: 2251, 9 years after the drought of Arroyo and the events of Fallout 2.
Portland, OR.
   Within the boundaries of the dense forestry previously known as the Mt. Hood National Forest to the south-east of Portland, Oregon lies the small settlement of Merrowlake Motel. The rest of Oregon had mostly been denied entrance into the "forest" due to the Great War's massive impact on the state as a whole. The outskirts of the forest had been impacted so heavily that it had been acting as a pseudo-trench that blocked entrance into the forest entirely -- Up until 2246. In the surrounding forests and the ruins of Portland the Enclave had been moving around and living by just dealing with tribal groups and crazed FEV subjects. Post 2246 however, many chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel were migrating north do to the war with the New California Republic currently on-going throughout California. These chapters were forced to confront battalions of Enclave troops that were occupying most of southern Oregon. Due to their current increase of numbers from the collective migration, the Brotherhood was able to successfully force the Enclave to retreat to northern Oregon, including Portland and much of the surrounding area. Brotherhood were lucky with this win, however, as the Enclave numbers in the north have been steadily rising since 2242 and the war between them ended, whereas the Brotherhood has been occupied by the New California Republic and has been losing a great number of their forces. The Enclave didn't bother to make a counter-attack to push the Brotherhood out of Oregon in fear of them sending more reinforcements north and decimating their forces yet again.

  This surrounding area includes the settlement in the Mt. Hood national forest, however due to the bombed trench around the area they haven't bothered moving into that region yet. Due to this lapse in judgement from the Enclave multiple groups have been able to prosper in the forest, including many tribes which range from individuals attempting to recreate the area's old park rangers to various primitive tribes. Apart from these also lives a group of Desert Rangers who have been in the area for nearly a decade now. The Desert Rangers were the ones to originally liberate the settlement away from a group of ritualistic tribal raiders who had been inhabiting it for a very long time after the bombs' effects subsided. For the ten years the Rangers have been here, they'd done very little apart from assisting the townsfolk and protecting them from local tribal raids. To put a stop to the majority of these attacks, the Rangers took it upon themselves to assault neighboring tribes but the idea very quickly took a turn for the worst and ended up with the Rangers' numbers reaching an all-time-low in the area. Until recuperating, they'd be nearly forced to sit back for the time being and defend. Very recently many other groups have risen up and formed to assist the Desert Rangers but it had very little actual impact on the sway of power in the region.

  Many tribes in this area had been prospering off of the trade of the Hood Haurangi fruit which has hallucinogenic properties making it a valuable bartering tool between these different primitives who haven't all accepted the use of caps as a form of currency. Over the past few years, however, many groups have adopted using bottle caps as currency due to the Desert Ranger's influence over the region as a whole. The few tribes that refused peaceful contact with the Rangers are still persistent on their use of the Hood Haurangi fruit as a form of currency through bartering. Many of these tribes have never experienced and thus have no knowledge on chems apart from these mutated fruits.

Our new canon will begin shortly after the Enclave was pushed out of southern Oregon.

   Caesar's Legion won't be seen any time soon. They are too busy taking over Arizona. Any characters relating towards the Legion must either void that knowledge or say it was some other slaver group that they had been involved in.
   Desert Rangers exist as a group of survivalist peacekeepers in the area, however due to the large amount of  hostile tribes in the area they have mostly kept to just holding them away from the civilian settlement.
   The New California Republic is active and running through California, however they won't be seen settled down in this area. It wasn't until later on that they decided to move on from California.
   The Brotherhood are active just south of the region the canon is going to take place in. It is possible for them to arrive here at some point but they won't be here at the moment. If they were to arrive however, they would be ran closer to a FO2 faction rather then they way we have ran them in the past.
   Enclave would also be common around the settlement's surrounding region however not directly in it. They are still very hostile to EVERY other faction and commoner that isn't involved with them.
   All weapons and armor are very common at this point in time in this area. Many traders will sell broken or poor quality armor and weapons, it should be uncommon to see someone without some sort of weaponry, however equally uncommon to see someone with a pristine condition weapon apart from those who have the ability to craft it.

  • Canon overhaul is now in effect.
  • All official major factions have been removed from the server, they may return at a later point.
  • Desert Rangers has been introduced as an official minor faction.
  • IC location is now outside of Portland, Oregon in the Mt. Hood national park.
  • IC year is now 2251.
  • Map will be unchanged.
  • Our new territory system is now in place, see replies below.
  • Existing wastelanders and NCR personnel will be kept on the server (Without knowledge of their previous NCR background). Other major faction characters will not carry over.
  • Over sixty new weapons have been added, see replies below.
  • Many models were missing from The Spire's content, this has been resolved.
  • Many new ported and rigged player models have been added from FO3 and FNV.
  • A few generic clothing part items added.
  • Many clutter items have been added.
  • Most junk has been overhauled in a patch previous to 1.4
  • VB-02 Vertibird added.
September 25, 2014, 12:40:27 AM by Kage Kuro | Views: 144 | Comments: 1

After calling them and trying everything possible within legal boundaries, it's screwed me/us. The payment of the server is due tomorrow and the 100$ of donation money that we have is null and void because I can't accept donation money.

The next payment is due tomorrow and we need 45 dollars. Not donations, payment. I'd also like to say any of the old donations given will not count except for the donations that actually say they were received.

Either way, this is the email to send the payments to.

I'll also get a donation page up tomorrow or the day after. It'll include custom models and weapon variations along with containers and other things including the possibility of kits and maxing attributes.

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