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  • September 02, 2014, 06:38:29 PM
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Today at 01:29:33 AM by Kickapoo | Views: 69 | Comments: 0


We're now going to allow factions to act freely and have what canon special units they want, and we will not interfere with any sort of faction actions anymore. But wait, there is a catch, we are putting a hard cap on factions.

Faction numbers hard caps:
Brotherhood of Steel 15, New California Republic 20 and Caesar's Legion 25.

The idea for the following groups are:
Brotherhood of Steel will have the smallest numbers, they will be remnants so to speak, but top tech compared to other factions.
New California Republic will have the best small arms out there, lot of specialised divisions and average numbers.
Caesar's Legion will have the highest numbers, lighter equipment and close range weapons.

But groups are obviously now free to choose special divisions, units or whatever they want aslong as it sticks to canon.

Credits to Smift for the suggestion.
September 01, 2014, 06:32:33 PM by Valentene | Views: 63 | Comments: 0

     After a patrol of Brotherhood members entered town to retrieve some strange device from the old factory they returned to their bunker. The bunker that the Brotherhood was using emitted a loud noise following their return. Those in the bunker were greeted to an AI voice playing over an intercom with alerted a maintenance crew was on it's way. However, inside the bunker many doors were unlocked and the computer systems now were fully accessible.

     Following this: loud noises could be heard coming from the center of the bunker as a large vertibird flew out of it. Those inside the vertibird were let out of it outside the bunker's entrance. These were trained and heavily armed Enclave soldiers, sent to retrieve intell from the bunker after the operating system was back online. Even with warning the Brotherhood was ignorant to this attack until they had already entered the bunker. The Enclave soldiers gunned down many inside the main lobby of the bunker and proceeded down the elevator to make their way to the control systems. Their mission and goal was successful, they retrieved much of the data that was kept on these systems and fled back up through the bunker into their vertibird they entered with.

    The Brotherhood was a mess at this point, still scrambling from their losses and trying to put everything they could back together when another threat showed itself: The town that they had visited previously had been tired of the Brotherhood's existence. They had information to enter the Brotherhood's bunker and they utilized this to attempt a full on raid on them. Due to the Brotherhood's condition they were unable to actively repel this invasion. The townspeople pushed the remaining Brotherhood into one of the rooms unlocked by their endeavor earlier. They were pinned down until some of the towns people decided to shoot what they shouldn't have. They opened up a large gate in the center of the bunker, this gate lead to an abandoned rocket facility that had been inhabited by tunnelers who had dug their way there over years. The towns people were eventually pushed out by the efforts of the remaining Brotherhood and the constant hassle from the tunnelers.

     In the end, the Brotherhood finally managed to close up their bunker once more, now with the knowledge of what their bunker really was and that at any point the Enclave could return and completely obliterate them. They were forced to work deal with their losses and the tunnelers who managed to collapse some of the tunnels in the extended parts of their bunker.

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