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  • September 19, 2014, 10:50:11 AM
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September 15, 2014, 09:57:21 AM by Valentene | Views: 107 | Comments: 0

[This is not what the admin team or the teaser I posted recently has been hinting towards, this is a temporary change.]


   On August 12th 2279 the New California Republic of the Yucca Mountain Range in Nevada got word of an impending attack from the nearby Caesar's Legion tribal conscripts. However, following this on the night of August 14th 2279, they were informed this attack was going be larger. A lot larger, Legate Lanius planned on moving in to take the region in attempt to assist their position in their coming battle. The New California Republic was already suffering from their loss at the highway tunnel, their numbers and munitions were not up to par to face Lanius and his crimson wave. With no other options the NCR went about gathering all forms of civilians, and migrated north.

   This trail continued on - Many civilians on the trail noted seeing smoke billow from their once town as they had seemingly barely escaped this onslaught. The Legion that were in this area were forced to follow this group, to not allow them to escape the hand of Caesar. Despite their interruption on the trail however, the New California Republic managed to fend off most attacks leaving the Legion's group to follow from a distance. After nearly a day of walking the New California Republic ordered the civilians to stop their travel, allowing them settle at a small ruined motel. The New California Republic have moved to take refuge in a nearby pre-war air force base that had been seemingly abandoned and mostly scavenged for scrap. This region however also allowed the group of Legionaries who had been following them to take root in a nearby compound as well, their existence was currently unknown to the NCR as they had believed their attacks against them on the trail were enough to push them away.


   On the Brotherhood of Steel: The chapter in the Yucca Mountain Range was a completely different chapter. All current members of the Brotherhood of Steel are still here, living in a chapter near where the New California Republic, Legion and civilian wastelanders had settled.

  Map download.
September 14, 2014, 03:20:53 PM by Kage Kuro | Views: 90 | Comments: 0

Ineu was enjoyable for some time and it is a fairly good map...but it'd need a much, much higher population. We'll be changing the map amongst other things, but this will be a pre 1.4 update.

Please visit this thread for suggesting maps and adding your opinion on the situation.

also no fucking clue why the server keeps randomly crashing, spoke to kickapoo who'll check the logs for a possible glitch of sorts. If nothing then I'll send a ticket to nfo.

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